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For many years, Janique was the High Performance Director and physiotherapist for the Ontario Freestyle Ski Team. At the end of each ski season starting in April, Janique would conduct full Sport Team Fitness Assessments at Leaside High School, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. From those results, each athlete would have a dry land program tailored to their spacific strengths and weaknesses. Each athlete would be responsible for following the program in their own home town. However during the off-season period between April to November, we would meet once a week for 2 hours in Toronto. We would do circuit training, hill sprints, endurance runs, gymnastics, trampoline, core strength and flexibility. During the summer, we would travel to Quebec City for the water ramp camp and to Europe for the on-snow training. In October, we would re-test fitness performance developed during our months of dry land training. With the free-style ski season upon the team, a newly fine-tuned maintenance fitness program would be provided to each athlete to help them continue to achieve the results that they strove for.