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Janique Farand is a certified registered sports physiotherapist (CPA), and a certified personal trainer (ACE). She also practices craniosacral therapy and acupuncture. Recently, she opened her private practice called PHYSIOFIT (www.physiofit.ca) in Toronto, Canada specializing in sports and orthopedic physical therapy. Janique was the official physiotherapist and dryland coach for the Ontario Freestyle Ski Team. She has also worked with many elite Olympic athletes and corporate executives.

In the past, she was a member of the Women National Alpine Ski Team representing Canada at the World Cup level from 1981-1985 and was selected for the Olympic team for the 1984 Sarajevo, Yugoslavia Winter Games. She is an active lecturer and rehabilitation consultant to University, High School, Health conferences, collegiate and amateur sports teams.

Janique published her first book, “Solid to the Core” in March 2006 and has done several television appearances and radio talk shows to promote it. In addition,
Solid to the Neck, Mid-Back and Shoulders was published in October 2009 (www.solidto.com).
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Medical Practitioner for the Invictus Games in Toronto, 2017
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As the Lead Medical Practitioner for Handball , here some Pan am games pictures....from going through the medical drills prior to field of play hand ball competitions, to the medical hand ball team, to some action pictures of the men and women handball teams, to walking behind the Canadian team into the Rogers Center stadium as medical. Just loved it, hope to see you again in Peru!
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Hi Janique, Thank you for the inspirational morning. The response from staff and students on your presentation has been amazing. You expression and passion throughout your presentation allowed us to walk in your shoes, feel your pain and joy. You are truly a gifted speaker and you made each of reach deeper today and strive for our personal best. It was an honour to have you at Bowmore. We will always be grateful to Jennifer's giving spirit. Without her we may not have had this incredible day! Warm wishes to you! Thelma
Janique, what you gave those kids Bowmore School Council yesterday was truly priceless. Your tenacity and spirit as a child focused on becoming a world class athlete representing her country was truly inspiring. Your vividness, humility, strength and courage were and are truly the stuff that most of us never ever have the fortitude and tenacity or belief in ourselves to ever achieve the way you did. You are incredible. I love ya!
Jennifer Goodman
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