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Nathalie Niddam is a Holistic Nutritionist with a passion for teaching people
that they can reach their health and weight loss goals while enjoying great
food without depriving themselves. As a graduate of the Institute of Holistic
Nutrition and personal trainer with a solid science background Nathalie has
blended her lifelong love for great food with the science of primarily using
whole nutrient dense foods as the building blocks for good digestion, a
strong immune system and a body that is in balance. Holistic Nutrition
focuses on restoring that balance enabling the body to heal from within.
With healing and balance come increased energy, effortless weight loss and
often, the resolution of a host of health issues.

Nathalie channels her enthusiasm for great tasting food along with her love
of teaching to educate her clients on how easy it is to reframe their
approach to food and achieve spectacular results in a way that shapes
lifelong habits. From the time she studied Physiology at McGill and
throughout her life Nathalie has had a love of science that never left her.
Her return to school to study Holistic Nutrition brings her back to her first
love and intention of helping people lead healthier lives. Nathalie works in
partnership with her clients, exploring what works for them, what their
personal obstacles may be and finding the individual solution that will lead
them down the path to wellness and boundless energy. With this philosophy
Nathalie has guided her clients to results they never dreamed possible.

Nathalie lives in downtown Toronto with her husband and teenage son. She
currently is the Nutrition Coach at the Academy of Lions Cross Fit Gym and
operates a nutrition practice out of her home. She practices cross fit and
yoga – the yin and yang of fitness. When she isn’t working, Nathalie loves
cooking, spending time in nature be it on city trails with her family or at her
family cottage. The quote that has always resonated with her and that
ultimately has shaped her own journey is the age old favorite from
Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine: Let food be thy medicine, thy
medicine shall be thy food.