Solid to the Core illustrates 84 core exercises to help anyone from teenagers to senior citizens. Readers will learn to customize their core program according to their own weaknesses and muscles imbalances. At first, you will be introduced to the basic techniques and concepts of the main 5 groups muscles that surround the core area. They are: the deep and superficial muscles of the abdominal wall and the lower back as well as the gluteal muscles of the pelvis. Then you will gradually advance to work those skills with the resistance band, medicine ball and Swiss ball. Updated pictures reinforce the written instruction and ensure proper execution of each technique presented. The exercises and instructions were developed from personal experience as well as drawing on those from many Wold class athletes whose foundation was not solid with there result that their body started to deteriorate, preventing them from pursuing higher training regimens. They recognized the crucial link between the core and their bodies as will the readers of Solid to the Core. With this book, you will discover how efficient you become with your daily activities knowing that your core is solid.
Core Benefits:
* corrects muscles imbalances
* minimizes risk of injuries
* simple, effective and progressive
* individualized program
* exercises for all 5 muscle groups of the core
* optimal function of the core
* better posture and less discomfort
* feel strong, energetic, powerful and healthy
* enjoy optimum health over the course of your lifetime

Solid to the Neck is intended to provide the reader with the help to regain his/her confident posture. It is similar in format to my first published book called: Solid to the Core; (March, 2006). It offers a customized, progressive program of exercises according to one's own injuries around the neck, mid-back (thoracic spine), and shoulder.

Key Benefits to the Reader

* Simple, effective and progressive exercises
* Tips on improving posture to minimize the risk of injuries
* Provides exercises for all 5 group muscles of the neck, mid-back, and shoulder blade (scapula)
* Provides exercises for the common injuries around the neck, mid-back, and shoulder
* Corrects muscle imbalances around the neck, mid-back, and shoulder
* Results in optimal function of the neck, mid-back, and shoulder
* Benefits healthy and injured, young and old, sedentary and active, male and female
* It is for anyone who wants to both enjoy optimum health over the course of his/her lifetime and improve his/her productivity